Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm here...

It's been longer than it should be since I've updated this.

I'm embarrassed to say, but I really have gone way off track. In fact, I haven't been tracking at all. It's amazing how a couple days of doing what you want can get you off track for so long!

This is a new week though and I'm going to just nip it in the butt and start tracking again. I need to start exercising as well too and my period certainly threw me off.

So other than that I've been doing pretty well. I got the boys registered for soccer yesterday and went to a pretty Daffidoil garden in Gladewater. I had never been there and it was amazing to see the flowers grow up wild like that.

Jon has been out of town for the past..umm..3 days? I think. Yes. Hopefully he will be home late tonight. I was going to take the kids to fly a kite today but Wal-Mart had zero kites! I will have to look at Target next time I go to Longview. Instead we ended up going through all their toys and organizing their bedroom. It looks much better now and now we have lots of good toys to donate.

After that the boys played and then I decided to tackle my craft/junk closet. That is also nice and neat and organized. And now I can honestly say that almost my entire house is organized. For now. Sometimes things get to a certain point where it utterly stresses me out with all the disorganization and messiness.

I feel better now that it's taken care of. When things are organized I think it helps me with myself and hopefully from now on things will start going better for me. It's vital to my health that I get this weight off and I have to keep thinking that. If I ever want this PCOS to go away I'm going to have lose the weight.

I'll leave it at that and next time you hear from me I will be doing great on my weight loss journey! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weigh In Day

Today is weigh in day and it's been the worst weigh in day I've had yet. I gained 2 pounds and I am now at 184.

I have to be honest, it's def my own fault. We went to Dallas this weekend for the Color Run and I ended up splurging on every meal I had. I definitely enjoyed my weekend, but I'm paying for all those calories now.

On top of that I finally started my period. I know that's TMI, but I've been dealing with Polytheistic Ovarian Syndrome for almost 3 years now. It's a hormone dissorder and I believe it has a lot to do with being over weight. As it stands, I had not had a period in 6 months. I was determined that once I started getting the weight off my periods would come back. And sure enough--they have. Now this is without taking a hormone pill to induce a period. I was having to do that, but I gave up the meds and decided I was going to just get the weight off. Now to say I'll have a cycle next month is not for certain. I don't know what's going to happen. I do have an appointment with my gyno next week to disscuss it though. I know that I"m on the right track though.

So---yes, the weight gain could be in relation to that. But I know what I did and now I'm paying for it. Today I am officially back on track. Working out however, has not been in my agenda so far this week because I am feeling so crummy.

Tonight we are having chicken fajitas for dinner. Jon is working late and Glee and Raising Hope comes on tonight so it'll be a great evening. Anyhoo, I better get going!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Color Run was SO Fun!!

I just wanted to post quickly that I had an awesome weekend! We had tons of fun at the color run and it was so worth it!!

Next year I'll take the boys and my husband! I'm also really interested in finding local walks/runs here in East Texas!

I splurged a lot this weekend on my food and just had fun and enjoyed myself. I'm trying not to worry about the scale too much because if it's a bad result I can get it back off. :-)

I'll post some pictures and I'll update this week!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weigh In Day!! was weigh in day...and guess what? Someone's (ME) happy.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I know I'm doing something right!! Yesterday when Kim & I were in Tyler I almost had a hamburger over a healthier lower point item at Apple-bees. She stuck with the healthier option. I knew I'd end up beating myself up if I ate that hamburger. And it helped that she still stuck with it too--so I didn't chose the hamburger.

Believe it or not--there is a lot that goes through my mind when I'm faced with an option like that. I have to admit though--it gets easier and easier turning things down.

Today has been a pretty busy day today. I took BOTH dogs to the vet to finish up on there vaccinations and get them some heartworm/flea/tick monthly meds. That was fun. Remmy has to get neutered in a month! If you haven't already, I think it's VERY VERY important to get your animals spayed/neutered. I get updates from the local shelter and you wouldn't believe how many unwanted pets there are.

Okay--so off my ramble. I'm about to take Charles to basketball practice here in a few and Kim is going to take their pictures for the season! I just wanted to post a quick update! Thanks to everyone who is following my journey!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

One Step at a Time

Hello there. I hope everyone is doing well today. It's been a chilly past couple of days and I'm a bit happy about it. It means winter is finally coming and then will come Spring! Kim is going to show me how to prune my roses this week to get ready for Spring. My canas are already trying to come up because of this cold weather. I haven't decided what to plant in front of them just yet.

I've been doing really well so far as far as tracking my points. I've managed to stay on top of tracking except for yesterday. We were in town and doing some running around. I did really well except for those fries I had at Smash Burger (with my grilled chicken.)

My appointment to the RA doctor is tomorrow morning and I'm pretty excited about it. I"ll finally have a diagnosis and get some treatment (I hope.)

I borrowed the workout DVD "The Firm" from a friend and I loved it so I bought my own copy today. It's the dance one and the work outs were a lot of fun. I also tried these Smart Ones fudge cake that were 4 points and O.M.G...they were to die for!! So if you have a chocolate craving, I'd highly recommend those!

Tonight for dinner we are having Chilli. It's cold outside so I thought, why not? And it's weight watchers friendly. It's called Souper Chili.

Anyhoo--I'll let ya know how it turns out tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and thank you for reading!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 Pounds Lost!

So I wanted to wait and update after I weighed myself this morning but it's official I am at 184!

It was so odd because on Tuesday the scale showed 186. So I weighed yesterday morning and again today and now I'm convinced that I'm at 184n

This is a big accomplishment for me and gives me the will and determination to keep going on this journey!

So today is day at Mops where there will be lots of goodies! I made some 3 point cupcakes using strawberry cake mix and diet 7 up. My friend made so 1 point banana muffins and I'll have to ind the recipe and post it!

Anyhoo I better get going but just wanted to update. I hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weigh In Day

This morning was weigh in day. Since I'm in the BBL on a DFW Area Moms we had to send in a scale picture this morning.

Here is my scale picture.

So as you can see--there has been no weight lost. Yes, I'm really dissapointed in myself. I think it's unavoidable to feel some discouragement. But this is the 2nd time that I've had a weigh in where I didn't lose any weight. I can move forward and I always have another chance to get things right.

I just finished breakfast and I had a bowl of oatmeal. No milk today--just going to take my vitamin with some water. I've got laundry going in the washer and dryer and that's what I'll be doing today along with some other chores.

It's a rainy day here and a bit cold as well so perfect indoor weather. I'm not sure what I'm having for lunch yet but it will either be a turkey sandwich or a frozen dinner. And I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing for dinner at this moment either. Whatever it is, I'm going to stay within my points.

I worked out on the elliptical last night for 45 minutes. Today I'm going to play on the wii for a little while too to work up a good sweat. Hopefully if I alternate work outs than I won't get bored.

I better get going and I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I need to------>S-W-E-A-T!

Sitting here listening to some Oldies music (You Can't Hurry Love by the Supremes) right now, LOL. My husband is on his way home and should be here soon.

I had a pretty good day today. I went over and worked on a special project with Kim & then came home and started up on laundry. For some reason I was in a "funk" today. One reason to explain this was because I weighed myself this morning. My weigh in day isn't until tomorrow morning. I'm not going to tell you what it was because it could be different tomorrow, but I wasn't too pleased. I've decided that okay--I'm eating right--I've got the hang of that. Now I just need to start adding some exercise in it. Yes--I've been doing walking at the track but I don't really break a sweat.

...So...even though I didn't feel like working out--after talking with my husband I got on the elliptical and did it for 45 minutes. Whew. You know, it didn't get easy until I was 5 minutes away from my goal! LOL.

I have to give my husband tons of brownie points for getting me motivated. I really didn't want to do it and he said "Hey! You never know, you could lose 2 pounds by tomorrow!" I don't think I will, but who knows!

So one of my goals this week and every week thereafter is to do an exercise that gets me sweating at least 3 times a week. And I mean, fall on the floor, can't breath, sweating.

So I'll be back tomorrow with my weigh in post. This weight loss seems to be a roller coaster. Wish me luck because I'm going to need it!

Here's to SWEAT!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy is My Middle Name!

I apologize for not having posted as often as I should or would like. Not to worry, I am still here!

Yesterday we had a basketball game for Charles and then the boys went to my in-laws for the evening. Jon and I decided to have dinner at Smash Burger followed by some frozen yogurt.

At Smash Burger I had a chicken sandwich that was 11 points. I split the fries with Jon so that was another 7 points. 18 points total. Which is rather high for dinner, but I had a low point lunch and breakfast so I had the points.

What sent me over my points was the frozen yogurt-3 points for 1/2 a cup and I had 1 cup. So 6 points for the frozen yogurt and then when we got home I had some popcorn-about 4 points with the movie that we were watching.

So yes, I did dig into my weekly points this week but not by a whole lot. The main important thing is that I haven't been exercising as much as I should be. This week I'm going to get my butt back on that elliptical and start doing more Just Dance and make sure I'm out on that track almost every day.

For dinner tonight I'm making:

Hamburger Noodle Casserole

This serves 10 and is 7 points plus per serving. I actually pre-made it earlier so that it's ready to go in the oven for dinner. The only things I forgot to add was the green onions--I even had them on my list at the grocery store! I will have this with a salad and some fat free Italian dressing.

So every Tuesday I weigh in. I am trying not to put myself on a schedule. Like I have to lose ___lbs in April. Or whatever month you want to put there. I think it puts more stress on me doing it that way. Instead I'm going into my weeks with the mindset that I'm going to the best that I can do. If I don't lose what I want to lose in a week than I'll try harder next week. I'm not going to let myself get down, especially when I've already come this far.

My stretch marks are coming in more on my stomach area, my sides, and my chest. While I complain about how ugly they are, I am actually rather proud of them. As I lose the weight I see them more--it's a helpful visual to me that I'm making progress.

So anyhoo--I'm hopeful for the week ahead no matter what the outcome of weigh in day is on Tuesday. I just finished reading "The Hunger Games" and if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. I'm going to start on the 2nd book either today or tomorrow. There are 3 books in the series. My friend bought books 1 and 3 and I bought book 2 so we are going to trade off. I love to read and I'm so excited to have found something new that I love.

Well I hope everyone has a great Sunday and stay optimistic for the week ahead. It's a brand new week and tomorrow's another day to get it right.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Deary Thursday

I think this day accounts for my mood as well today. Bored, dull, bland. It looks like it's trying to rain, but it's not raining. It's 66 degrees so it's still fairly warm. The groundhog saw his shadow but you know we haven't even had a winter yet! Today was also the 100th day of school for Charles. He comes home, shows me a picture he drew--at the top it says: You would like to have 100 things of _____. He put guns. Then drew a bunch of guns. But he's so cute-he says "Mommy, I PROMISE they are fake guns, they are really really fake!" LOL. So I'm here writing since I have a few before I head to the track.

You know--when it comes to breakfast and lunch I'm usually pretty routine. I don't like to change it up a lot so if you see the same things, that's why. My dinners are usually different though.

Food log for today:


1 packet of oatmeal
1 cup of milk

=7 points total


Turkey sandwich
1 serving of special K chips

=7 points


I just had a banana

I haven't had dinner yet and really I don't know what we are having for dinner. I took out some hamburger meat this morning to make a hamburger noodle casserole (weight watchers friendly) but it hasn't thawed out yet. I also do not know if my husband is working late or not so that also is a deciding factor on dinner. If he comes home than I'll try and whip up something so he doesn't have to suffer through frozen pizza or sandwiches.

We also have basketball practice tonight but that isn't until 7pm. Either or I have like 13 points left for the day so I'm good.

I haven't done any yoga and I haven't really done any workouts so I need to get on the ball with that. I have been walking at the track and unless it's super cold or rainy, I intend to go every day that I can. It's something right?

Tomorrow I'm headed to town to take Samuel and his friend to story time and they get to paint something at the pottery place. Then I've got to find some more workout pants. Mine are seriously falling off of me!

LOL--speaking of, I have to share this little convo I had with my husband yesterday. He always knows how to make me laugh!

Well I better get going--I hope everyone has a good evening! I'll leave with a little inspiration to help you get through the rest of the week!

Since I just recently finished reading "The Help" I thought this would be appropriate!