Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm here...

It's been longer than it should be since I've updated this.

I'm embarrassed to say, but I really have gone way off track. In fact, I haven't been tracking at all. It's amazing how a couple days of doing what you want can get you off track for so long!

This is a new week though and I'm going to just nip it in the butt and start tracking again. I need to start exercising as well too and my period certainly threw me off.

So other than that I've been doing pretty well. I got the boys registered for soccer yesterday and went to a pretty Daffidoil garden in Gladewater. I had never been there and it was amazing to see the flowers grow up wild like that.

Jon has been out of town for the past..umm..3 days? I think. Yes. Hopefully he will be home late tonight. I was going to take the kids to fly a kite today but Wal-Mart had zero kites! I will have to look at Target next time I go to Longview. Instead we ended up going through all their toys and organizing their bedroom. It looks much better now and now we have lots of good toys to donate.

After that the boys played and then I decided to tackle my craft/junk closet. That is also nice and neat and organized. And now I can honestly say that almost my entire house is organized. For now. Sometimes things get to a certain point where it utterly stresses me out with all the disorganization and messiness.

I feel better now that it's taken care of. When things are organized I think it helps me with myself and hopefully from now on things will start going better for me. It's vital to my health that I get this weight off and I have to keep thinking that. If I ever want this PCOS to go away I'm going to have lose the weight.

I'll leave it at that and next time you hear from me I will be doing great on my weight loss journey! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey dear I know what you mean, I have been way off track it isn't even cool. Today, day after my bday, at work a group of us are going to follow the Points Plus WW plan. We are going to support one another. All of us are on such a tight budget so we are not going to attend the ww meetings. I think I will do so much better with a group. Just wanted to drop by and say HI! Miss ya!