Saturday, January 14, 2012


Writing here this evening before I make up my grocery list for tomorrow.  I went to my first weight watchers meeting this morning and it went pretty well.  I purchased the calculator and a cute sporty water bottle for a friend and I.  And also some pimp sun visors for when we walk, LOL.

I haven't exercised.  Going on the 3rd day.  Def going to exercise tomorrow.  I'm thinking of doing a Biggest Loser DVD that I have.  If you haven't done one of those, I highly recommend it.  You will be sweating with in 3 minutes of it!

Okay so here is what I had today for breakfast & point wise and I have 28 points for the day:


*1 whole wheat slice of bread, toasted-2 points
*2 tbsp creamy peanut butter-5 points
* 1 cup of 1% milk


* 1 chicken sandwich with lettuce and 1 tablespoon of mircale whip
* around 27 Special K sour cream and onion chips

All equals 10 points.


*banana-0 points
*Special K Chocolatey Pretzel Bar-2 points


* Weight watchers Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes-6 points

As it stands right now I have 2 points leftover.  I will have an apple before I go to bed with my meds and that is free.  All fruits are free as well as most veggies.

I wanted to add that when I went and weighed on the scale at weight watchers I weighed 190lbs.  Since I have started this journey I have officially lost 4 pounds.  So far that puts me at 2lbs a week.

Update on Medical Issue

When I saw the doctor on Thursday I really loved him.  I wasn't sure if I posted, but he's pretty great and I'm really happy with him.  He thinks that I have what is called Connective Tissue Disease.  It's a branch from RA and Lupus.  He did some more blood work and he's putting me on a steroid for 16 days.  I started this morning.  He wants to see if the steroid helps.  Then he's going to take me off it and I go see him back in a month.

I should finally have an answer by then and we can look at some long term treatment.  Finally.  This morning I woke up with terrible pain my hands that went away quicker than usual.  I thought it was due to the steroid, however this evening, while at my son's basketball game the knee pain started and progressively got worse.  I will not get discouraged.  The steroid takes a few days before it starts working.  Keep in mind, that during this time, I most likely will retain water, which could fluctuate my weight a bit.  I am going to do my best to drink as much water as I can during this time.

So there's the update on everything.  I'm going to start making my grocery list for in the morning and I'll be back to report later that evening.  Oh-the score was 29-18 at the basketball game.  We didn't win but they did an awesome job.  And please say a little prayer for my great grandmother.  I just found out that she is in the hospital with pneumonia and feeling pretty bad.  I do love her very much.  Goodnight!

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