Friday, January 20, 2012

We all have our Days

I'm a little late in getting to this post that was supposed to be posted yesterday! My husband is out of town so after taking care of everything and getting the boys into bed I had some down time. Yesterday was a pretty good day. I got some exercise in, but I went over my points again. I'll tell ya--this points thing is easier said than done. I need to have more discipline for sure. I don't want the hard work I've put in already to go to waste so I need to buckle down.

My friend came over and we did 45 minutes of the Wii Active and then we went walking at the track that afternoon for 45 minutes (2miles.) Then, my wonderful 6 year old son, ran over me with a bike. Took me completely down. Yes. And I have a battle wound on my ass to prove it...which I might add makes sitting down a little uncomfortable. But never the less-I still must work out!

So here is my food log from yesterday:


*Quaker Oats instant oatmeal - 4 points
* 1 cup of milk - 3 points
* 1 banana - 0 points

=7 points


*Turkey Sandwich with mircale whip/lettuce- 5 points
*Special K cracker chips Sour Cream & Onion- 3 points

=8 points


*3 tacos from Wednesday's dinner- 8 points
* 1 cup of mac & cheese that I made the kids-8 points



*1 Jello Pudding sugar free snack-2 points
*1 Bowl of cereal before bed- 6 points

=8 points

Total points I used: 39 points.

So you can see I really did not do well yesterday at all. I think the main reason why I did so poorly was because I didn't snack in between meals. I was famished when I got back home from the walk and so I just ate everything in sight. As for the cereal--there is no excuse there. I just need to stay away from it and eat something healthier. I'm a bit embarrassed by my point use but if I'm going to be successful at this than I need to be totally honest. And sometimes it's important to see it out in front of you like that.

Today is a new day and I'm determined to stick within my goal and get some exercise today. There is nothing that I can do about yesterday but to make today a better day.


  1. Just remember that is why we have the 49 weekly allowance. Just for these occasions when we do go ever. You could divide 49 by 7 and add them to each day if you wanted to. That is the beauty of the WW program, flexibility!
    So as long and you don't go over you weekly allowance your good, so don't beat yourself up.
    Your doing great keep it up!

  2. Don't forget about your activity points too!!

  3. I think you're doing great. I'm not on WW, but it seems to me that the points are there not only to keep your portion size down, but to remind you of what you eat during the day. Compare this day to a day BEFORE you were on WW. I'm sure this is a much better day of food than what you were previously eating! And that is awesome. Awareness is like gold when it comes to weight loss. Keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you guys! Yes, I have the activity points too, but I think the way I have it set up it doesn't add it in. Counting my points is really making me aware of what I'm eating. Today--I'm doing better. Thank you for the encouragement--sometimes I really need it!