Friday, January 20, 2012

Sore Today, but Managed Points

I never know what to title these things, LOL. Today was a much better day with my points. I had a little more discipline and I still have 3 points left for the day. So I won't feel guilty having a little snack before bed.

Today I accomplished sheet washing and doing laundry. There wasn't a whole lot going on. I did however, look at my toosh and realized that not only has it become more painful, but I have never seen a bruise that purple before. I had dragged working out all day until I finally decided not to work out at all. I really am in too much pain. And I probably won't work out tomorrow either. Who would have thought a little bike crashing into me would have caused so much damage? Don't worry, I won't post a picture of it. Not until I have a butt that looks like the one Jennifer Lopez has!

So I'm not going to post my food for today--not right now anyways because I left my phone in the other room that has everything on it and it really hurts getting up and down. I did do well though--for snacks I had a banana and my favorite-fresh strawberries and fat free whip cream.

I have been craving sweets latley so I'm thinking of trying a Diet Soda Cake. It sounds odd but I believe i"m going to give it a whirl. Here is a link to how you make it!

Diet Soda Cake

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. My son has his basketball game tomorrow so we should have fun and it's always a nice weekend when my husband doesn't have to work! Until tomorrow, I hope everyone has a good night!


  1. I checked out that link for the diet soda cake. Looks like it will be good. Gonna have to give it a try.