Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weigh In Day!

Today was my official first weigh in for the online biggest loser competition that I'm in. When I weigh in, I do it first thing in the morning, after I use the restroom and at the same time everytime.

Today I weighed in at 189lbs. That really surprised me because I really wasn't expecting to have lost any since Saturday. I'm super excited--I've finally hit my 5 pound mark. It does seem like lately I have struggled with exercise. I was looking at what I was actually doing on the elliptical and realized that it was only moderate exercise. So I've tried a couple DVDs that I had and I've done the Wii Fit game, but for some reason I'm just not really digging any of it. I think when I go to town I might stop by Wal-Mart and see if there are any other better work out DVDs that I can try. I really need to get a variety going so I don't feel bored.

I am also noticing some visible stretch marks on my stomach. Most of my weight resides in my stomach. I purchased some Miderma at the beauty supply store on Sunday and I've been using that-I really hope it works!

Anyhoo--here is what I did today (not including dinner because I haven't had that yet)


1 packet of Quaker Instant Oatmeal
* 1 cup of 1% milk
*my multivitamin

7 points


1/4 cup of air popped popcorn with Pam & seasoning

=1 point


turkey sandwich on Sara Lee 45 Calorie bread with lettuce and 1 tablespoon of miracle whip
* 1 serving of Special K Sour Cream and Onion chips

= 8 points


1 cup of strawberries with 1/4 cup of fat free cool whip

=0 points


10 minutes on Wii Fit
* 5 minutes on elliptical
* 5 minutes doing crunches-around 50 crunches



= 0 points

We are going out to dinner tonight so I'm not really sure how I"m going to do. I will end up dipping into my points for the week however I am not going to let this be a set back. I'm going to enjoy my dinner out and do the best that I can do.

Anyhoo, I better get going and I hope everyone has a great night!

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  1. Nicole if you like the Zumba they now have it for Wii. It is a blast.